Writing a legal memorandum of advice

This is what I mean by intelligent pestering. The ad announced that the store would open at 7 a. That adoption had the effect of an election. Why or why not? This memo is my first chance to become part of the legal team for a new client.

Here is where you need to make some intelligent choices. In summary, at common law one was entitled to use a name by which one was commonly known in the community. The question should be sufficiently narrow and should be objective. The senior partner will decide how best to use your work and will know what the client requires.

Students and junior lawyers are frequently asked to research legal issues.

Sample memorandum of law

Mostly Bradley wants incorporation and business contract advice. Or you can convey any level of confidence in between. Furthermore, the bank argued that name changes can occur without registration under the Name Act and under common law, and there is nothing to invalidate these changes. As a general rule, include no citations.

When do I stop? Bear in mind that the busy law-trained reader will value conciseness in this section, so try to present only those facts that are legally significant or that are necessary to make the problem clear.

As they read, senior lawyers mentally test out what you have written against their own knowledge or hypothesis about the file. Trial level court decisions flesh out your understanding of how judges apply the legal principles and criteria to facts and help you formulate reasonable arguments.

In exchange for uploading documents you will receive credits. And you can assume that your senior lawyer has several characteristics: Master Powers noted that this was a case of first impression in British Columbia.Home > Legal Writing Center > For Students > Drafting a Law Office Memorandum > Sample Memo.

Drafting a Law Office Memorandum. A lawyer might write a memo to prepare colleagues for a meeting with a client who wants to know how the law affects her situation and who is seeking legal advice.

The. Audience. for a Memo. You should assume that the audience for your memorandum is a law-trained reader who is unfamiliar with the particular rules or facts of your case.

At common law, a person could adopt any name in the community, provided that this was not done with any intention to defraud others. A person’s legal name was the name the person was known by, determined merely as a question of common usage within the community.

So your work on a memo will often be the basis for other work by the senior lawyer who may be writing an advice letter or drafting litigation documents, deciding negotiating positions, and so on. A good memo will give the assigning lawyer confidence in your work and will establish you as a member of the legal.

61 Legal Memorandum Format Sample On the following pages is a legal memorandum formatted the way your memos in this class should be formatted. The substance of this memo comes from Appendix A of the Wellford text.


Memorandum of advice. As an assignment, a ‘memo’ is usually for in-house use, intended to be used by legal colleagues. This can be a ‘legal practice’ document, to a colleague or senior member of a law firm, or a document on legal policy, for example to a politician or an organisation responsible for policy change, such as submission to a law reform commission.

Writing a legal memorandum of advice
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