Virtual vineyards business model essay

By building a new database, the company will rely less on manual work to update and maintain the website, cutting costs significantly. But with his brother-in-law writing the code, Granoff thought he could combine the best parts of the Web-site paradigm -- convenience, reach, and low costs -- with "touch.

It centres on the launch last month of Okanagan Crush Pad, a new winery that makes its own brand but also has been set up to serve individuals who want to realize their dreams without having to obtain a winery licence.

Over the past 20 years, American retail has been racing to feed demand by building larger chains of bigger stores, using size to club price cuts out of distributors and producers. And on most Web sites, there are no faces, no voices, often no names.

It was an immediate hit with both wine buyers and the press. It would also alter the ways W maintained user satisfaction and retention with current users. And past a certain number, the Web store becomes a superstore, which is self-defeating in terms of niche marketing.

This, in turn could prove the venture to be unsuccessful in maintaining consistent food sales because Virtual Vineyards customers are primarily searching for wine when they visit the W website. You cannot ask a database to find a dress that is "fierce but not outrageous" at least, not yetbut a software agent or search engine could be expected to start with a product description like "T-shirt dress, raspberry or navy" and come back with a list of vendors arranged by price.

Virtual Vineyards Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

They also must make and bottle everything on the property. Now that everything is set up, W Just needs to make sure that they consistently check for updates so that their servers run tit ease. If you have a complaint, where do you go? This project is also consistent with the company.

Maintain, and not knowing what type of buyer your customers are innovators, early, adopters, early majority, or late majority makes it difficult to know why customers are staying or leaving Lamb. Suggested items could create bigger orders, making them more money and the promotional items will cause many customers to return.

CRM technology will help track opportunities Expansion Building off their current website and using existing resources, they can benefit from economies of scope by entering similar industries. The company does not Just lack demographic data about their customers, but also data about specific items purchases, and specific tastes in wine and related products.

This was a common problem at that time for many start up Internet companies, and still remains a problem for Internet companies today. Commuters face significant increases in traffic congestion in all metropolitan areas in the United States.

What is the risk of running into a vendor who is incompetent or unpleasant, if not fraudulent? Virtual Vineyards comes at the credibility issue from three directions: This would help solve the problem of tracking customer data and would also help them turn a profit.

Both of these options are also dynamic so they are able to change and grow. The only effective way to keep track of customer data is through databases, and for a company to sustain a competitive advantage it must be aware of its customer needs so it is able to respond to any requests Hill Both of these actions are also feasible and they are consistent.

Controversy froths up over B.C. 'virtual winery'

Both of these options are also cost efficient. Virtual Vineyards could either hire someone to create it for them, or create it. In some densely populated areas, commuters spend upwards of 10 hours each week just going to and from work.

They fit with the internal dynamics of the company, they are in line with he external competition. These customers may also explore the wine section of the website that they would have known about if they had been browsing a separate website.

Recommendations One strategy that would help Virtual Vineyards would be to create a database for heir website. He used his expertise and background in viticulture to educate customers on the front end of the business and mitigate well Informed buying decisions on the back end. The site server could be anywhere today and somewhere else tomorrow.Jan 16,  · View full size SOKOL BLOSSER WINERY Sokol Blosser WInery kept its business alive after its vineyards got a a new business model in winemaking, the "virtual winery." virtual-winery model.

Virtual offices and telecommuting offer flexibility, and the comfort of being able to work independently without conforming to work rules, such as a. Under the virtual-winery model, a person with no vineyard or equipment uses an existing winery to crush and ferment purchased grapes, then bottles the results under his or.

by Ken English, Conor Massey and Bruce Miroglio Ken English, Conor Massey and Bruce Miroglio are members of the Wine Industry Group at Gaw, Van Male, Smith, Myers & Miroglio PLC based in the Napa Valley office. The Wine Industry Group provides legal advice in the areas of compliance, vineyard and winery acquisition, land use, financing, trademark protection, litigation, and business.

The founders of Virtual Vineyards are very suited to their chosen business.

What Are the Advantages & Disadvantages of Virtual Offices and Telecommuting?

Peter Granoff has been working with fine wines since and is now a Sommelier. Robert Olsen has 21 years experience in computer systems.

Virtual Vineyards

Virtual Vineyards opened its virtual storefront in late January Since then, business has been increasing by approximately 20 percent per month, and sales have topped $1 million. is not the only Web site selling wine.

Virtual vineyards business model essay
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