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What tasks must be completed to achieve these goals? Should address issues such as the followings.

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The following are necessary steps that a Training Coordinator must follow: AIRTEL aims to develop expert instructors within the organization in near future for in-house training. Training Prerequisites The entire training process can be loosely divided into three sub-divisions.

The Calendar will be developed following the completion of all Performance Appraisals. The outcomes should be described in writing training objectives can be categorized as follows: No discrimination in any phase of selection, employment or training. In that form, participants are encouraged to give their feedback that would lead to further improvement of the class material and delivery.

The advantages of on —the-job-training are the no special facilities are required and the new employee does productive work during the learning process, its major disadvantages is that the pressures of the workplace can cause instruction of the employee to be haphazard or neglected.

Until very recently, office executives were left to acquire these skills by experience but it can be a long hard process and is made much easier by proper training. It will also work closely with divisions to develop their respective functional skills training calendar, sourcing both internal and external trainers.

The training and the trainer are rated accordingly and the data is recorded in the training database. The main components required to initiate this process are the Performance Appraisal Form, Recommendation from divisional Heads for Training and compiled Training needs to create the yearly training calendar.

As a result, it is suggested that management development be predominantly an education process rather than a training process. Skill Development There is particular emphasis on building a corporate culture where team spirit is fostered and the channels of communications are open for all.

He has to motivate and manage mental models of the staff.

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Training coordination The primary responsibility of a training coordinator in this case members of the OD unit, is to ensure that adequate logistic support is provided.

The immediate supervisor identifies training need during regular One on One meeting conversation. As they are the ones who will be able to best gauge the impacts of training from noticing changes in performance after training.

Organizational and departmental objectives What impact will the training have on organizational and departmental outcomes, such as absenteeism, turnover, reduce cost and improved production. Recommendations Economies in the twenty-first century are under relentless pressure to increase the skill levels of their workforce.

Furthermore, a lot can happen in twelve months, so that this time span is not too soon for considering new situations that might warrant changing or updating the plan. The implication is that high and growing incomes can only be sustained by high and growing levels of worker productivity, which in turn demand ever-increasing levels of worker skills.

No doubt it is a great big teamwork, which makes the business objective happen. The division head co-ordinates with the HR division to seek training from outside source.A training project report on airtel 1. SUMMER TRAINING REPORT ON “STUDY OF SALES PROMOTION ACTIVITIES AND CONSUMER AGE ON NETWORK at BHARTI AIRTEL LTD” SUBMITTED BY Narendra Kumar Koli Enrollment No.


CHAPTER TWO LITERATURE REVIEW INTRODUCTION This chapter is a review of related literature by authors in the field of study. TRAINING Lloyd, and Leslie () define training as “a learing process that involves the acquisition of.

a project report on “training and development of airtel employee” Summer Training Project Submitted in the partial fulfillment of the requirement for the award of 5/5(1).

To analyze the Training and development program in Airtel. To know the employees view towards Training and Development program of the Organization. Research Methodology: The Research is Exploratory Research. The data is collected through 30 employees. Sample Design. Foreseeing the role out of over 26 Airtel shops and training end users Conducted Role Capability Index for employees in the Customer Service teams across catherine maina.

Training Development Manager at Bharti Airtel Services. Bharti Airtel Limited- Centum Learning. University of Nairobi. View Training Development Manager.

Training and Development Methods Used in Vodafone and Bsnl. Hr Reliance. hr policies and practices in tata, ranbaxy, cipla and mahindra airtel ambassadors (alumni) • It’s a great way for existing employee to connect online with other former colleagues.

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Airtel Most Innovative in HR. Uploaded 5/5(2).

Training and development at airtel
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