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Our commitment to continuous efficiency improvements remains unchanged, as does our steady focus on attracting, developing and retaining the best people. Our values are the cornerstone of our culture and the work we do to embed them will continue. Zoran Bogdanovic Chief Executive Officer Duringwe continued to make substantial progress against our ambitious sustainability targets.

Our route-to-market and execution capabilities have recently been upgraded, helping to make sure we can support our existing customers in the established channels as well as taking advantage of opportunities presented by newly emerging channels. In addition, we became the leader in the wider food, tobacco and beverage sector for the first time ever.

We are also refreshing the juice portfolio with smoothies and seasonal flavours. Overall, we expect volume to The coca cola company annual report to grow in all three of our segments, with the Emerging markets segment accelerating, as Russia and Nigeria return to volume growth.

What innovations are being prioritised for the year ahead? Demographics in many of our markets are also changing, with populations in many European markets ageing and more people living alone. The understanding and discipline we now have, coupled with the tools we have developed, will support volume and value growth in a sustainable way.

We also introduced a new commitment in As the year progressed, the operational and financial results we delivered invigorated everyone in the Company. Zoran Bogdanovic Chief Executive Officer Firstly, in order to shape choice and proactively support low- and no-calorie sparkling drinks consumption, we are working with The Coca-Cola Company to evolve the recipes.

Zoran Bogdanovic Chief Executive Officer Our stakeholders, particularly employees, can expect our core values to remain unchanged. We know that the future of our business is linked to the futures of young people across our markets.

Q7 of 10 Q: As anticipated, the operational leverage in the business meant that this revenue growth resulted in a basis-point expansion in our comparable operating margin to 9. How is the Company tracking against its strategy?

Along with the improvements that Zoran mentions, we have successfully rolled out our flagship community programme, YouthEmpowered, in 21 of our markets. This is quite unique in the Coca-Cola System and gives us an edge, as many still drinks categories, such as water and plant-based beverages, are forecast to grow faster than the industry as a whole.

As Region Director for part of the business before my appointment as CEO, I have been witness to the day-to-day motivation and energy throughout the business.

Improvements in the macroeconomic environment in Russia and our success in managing the challenging circumstances in Nigeria were key developments inand provide good momentum for To maintain resiliency and a strong pipeline of diverse talent, the Board will build on its succession planning work for Board and senior management positions.

As our business evolves, we will adjust the set of behaviours to ensure it is always one that supports our business the most. AdeZ plant-based beverages are coming in 13 markets. We continue to look for ways to reduce the cost of our inputs and the resources we use, and to minimise our impact on the environment.


This situation served to demonstrate our strength and resilience and the commitment and dedication of our people. What is important for me is how well entrenched our strategy is in the hearts and minds of our people. Zoran Bogdanovic Chief Executive Officer We have been making significant changes to drive volume and enhance value in an ever-changing environment, with consumers looking for more choice to suit their preferences and customers making changes to ensure the long-term health of their businesses.

There are also behaviours, such as being curious, adopting innovative ideas with speed, taking risks and learning from both winning and failing, that will come to the fore with the evolution of the business.

He will bring a deep understanding of our markets and corporate culture along with fresh, innovative insights to address new challenges.

Can you explain how this strengthens your business? In December, I attended a town hall session with youth participants in Athens, along with our Operating Committee, and all of the country General Managers, and saw for myself how meaningful it is to contribute to the futures of people in this age group.

David Chairman has been a pivotal year for our sustainability agenda. Q1 of 10 Q: David Chairman The Board will focus on supporting the evolution of the business, the acceleration of product innovation in alignment with The Coca-Cola Company and nurturing our culture and values, all of which are critical for the long-term growth and success of Coca-Cola HBC.

That we are well on track to achieve our plan goals is very pleasing and shows that our confidence in our business and our people was justified.

Gaining efficiencies in production, logistics and operating cost base are a way of life at Coca-Cola HBC, and our continued focus on efficiency is key to streamlining packaging, reducing energy use and minimising our impact.

As our Company evolves as a total beverage company, agility will become even more critical. The success we are achieving validates the strategy, and we believe we are gaining speed. How would you summarise the operational and financial highlights for the year?

Sparkling drinks account for two thirds of our portfolio and we will continue to accelerate their growth.Coca-Cola HBC Reports - Explore our reports by year or by type. Annual Reports, Sustainability Reports & Corporate Factsheets. Annual Report on Form K. Ourand Annual Reports on Form K also constitute ourand Annual Reports to Shareowners.

The Coca-Cola Company (NYSE: KO) is a total beverage company, offering over brands in more than countries and territories. From the Annual Review. Annual Review Stories. Sustainability Report ; About Coca-Cola Journey; Ask Coca-Cola; Coca-Cola Product Facts (U.S.) Diversity & Inclusion In addition to the company’s Coca-Cola brands, our portfolio includes some of the world’s most valuable beverage brands, such as AdeS soy-based beverages.

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The Coca-Cola Company Established inThe Coca-Cola Company is the world's largest beverage company, refreshing its consumers with more than brands of soft drinks and non-carbonated beverages. Download our Annual Report!

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With the total beverage portfolio evolution that we are pursuing with The Coca-Cola Company, we are collaborating in realising an unprecedented level of innovation, leading to new categories, brands, packages and channels. We are in touch with consumers 24/7, for every occasion. Annual Report and Form 10K.

Coca Cola has reached its limit for free report views. PDF; Form 10K (HTML) Coca Cola does not currently have any hardcopy reports on Click the button below to request a report when hardcopies become available.

The Coca-Cola Company has always placed high value on good .

The coca cola company annual report
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