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But then so is time travel. Dr Hope shows how this happened in the past. What does that say for the accuracy of the data? However it was rather difficult to argue over their well checked facts. Then again, large corporate rating agencies have a chummy relationship with the clients they rate — who incidentally also pay their bills.

This probably including whoever wrote this pathetic editorial.

Herald loses perspective Written By: Now that is really being biased. But despite slightly reduced circumstances, they were still highly profitable and nothing I read on the finance pages or their own publications suggests credit agencies are chastened.

Guest post - Date published: Until then, there is nothing. Original article can be view here. But the fact that they would be illegal under her law shows just how awful that law is Written By: John Armstrong is labouring under a reality delusion Written By: No-one schedules fund-raisers on Sunday.

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That is the Sunday in the middle of Queens birthday weekend. Now some of the anonymous editorial writers appear to have descended to not even reading their own paper.

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This mornings Herald story looks like being more about face saving than accuracy, and the interview on Morning Report make the journalistic process at the Herald look even more dodgy. They were found to be either dazzlingly incompetent or breathtakingly compromised.

The right-wing British press has played a significant role. An affidavit is a sworn statement and stating something in it that is not truthful is equivalent to perjury and treated as such.

The only real way to track them is for Donghua Liu or the Herald to provide details as to locations and dates.

He said what was more important was the quality of the data being fed into any credit reporting model. However, these were done competently with considerable checking.After emigrating to New Zealand, he held a string of senior roles including business news editor for the NZ Herald, business editor of the Sunday Star Times and deputy editor of Fairfax's Auckland Business Bureau before joining NBR.

New Zealand has the second highest rate of workplace bullying in the developed world. Workplace bullying a reality for one in five Kiwis: Report - NZ Herald New Zealand Herald.

New Zealand Herald. say nothing is happening in New Zealand's tax policy space. further interrogation and input from the business community ahead of the final report.

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NZ Herald: Be journalists, check before ‘reporting’ Written By: lprent - Date published: am, June 27th, - 61 comments. There is a self-serving anonymously authored editorial in the NZ Herald this morning “Editorial: Cries of bias will not stop reporting”.

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Jul 27,  · Deborah Hill Cone, an NZ based freelance journalist, who has worked in radio and print for 15 years, with companies including IRN, National Business Review and the New Zealand Herald, has this post over at the NZ Herald about credit reporting agencies “sitting in judgment”.

New Zealand investors are facing an accounting crisis. This is because domestic companies have rejected many of the new international financial reporting standards (IFRS) and are declaring.

Standard business reporting nz herald
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