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Examples of Product Life Cycle Phases

The product life cycle platform implemented by Advanced Solutions Product Lifecycle Management essentially created a straight-forward approach to new product development, streamlining the four stages of the life cycle.

Harvest the product - reduce costs and continue to offer it, possibly to a loyal niche segment. Marketing the product involves showing customers how this product benefits them over the products sold by the competition—also known as building a brand preference.

Tough choices need to be made—sticking with a losing product can be disastrous. Product Life Cycle Stages Explained The product life cycle has 4 very clearly defined stages, each with its own characteristics that mean different things for business that are trying to manage the life cycle of their particular products.

At this stage, a company can decide if it wants to go for increased market share or increased profitability. Some products have been seen to go from maturity back to a period of rapid growth thanks to some improvement or redesign. Eventually, demand for the product declines and it becomes obsolete, resulting in the decline stage.

One popular theory postulates Product lyfe cylce of iphone essay there are two primary marketing strategies to utilize at this stage—offensive and defensive. GROWTH The growth phase occurs when a product has survived its introduction and is beginning to be noticed in the marketplace.

The maturity stage is usually the longest of the four life cycle stages, and it is not uncommon for a product to be in the mature stage for several decades.

Product Life Cycle Stages

Advertising is crucial at this stage, so the marketing budget is often substantial. Additionally, more competitors have stepped forward to challenge the product at this stage, some of which may offer a higher-quality version of the product at a lower price.

It is possible that the product will not succeed at this stage and move immediately past decline and straight to cancellation. The product can simply be discontinued, or it can be sold to another company.

The price may be maintained if the product is harvested, or reduced drastically if liquidated. The second stage is growth.

Here is the example of watching recorded television and the various stages of each method: A pilot production run might be made to ensure that engineering decisions made earlier in the process were correct, and to establish quality control.

In this stage, the market for a product is largely saturated, and new sales typically come from customers replacing their older product.

The marketing mix for this stage includes ways to bring awareness of the product to potential customers through marketing campaigns and special promotions. Defensive strategies consist of special sales, promotions, cosmetic product changes, and other means of shoring up market share.

How Would the Marketing Mix Change at Different Stages of the Product Life Cycle?

This shrinkage could be due to the market becoming saturated i. PLC also forces a continuous scan of the market and allows the company to take corrective action faster. Growth Stage As customers become aware of the product and sales increase, the product enters into the growth stage of the product life cycle.

The product revenue and profits can be plotted as a function of the life-cycle stages as shown in the graph below: Idea validation, which is when a company studies a market, looks for areas where needs are not being met by current products, and tries to think of new products that could meet that need.

Operations should be streamlined, cost efficiencies sought, and hard decisions made. Product features may be enhanced to differentiate the product from that of competitors. Because it is a new product that customers are not yet aware of, the product sales during the introduction stage are generally low.

Product life cycle PLC is the cycle through which every product goes through from introduction to withdrawal or eventual demise. Once that is done, more thorough specifications are developed, including price and style. Product branding and quality level is established, and intellectual property protection such as patents and trademarks are obtained.

Pricing is maintained as the firm enjoys increasing demand with little competition. Development Stage During the development stage, the product may still be just an idea, in the process of being manufactured or not yet for sale.

Pricing may be lower because of the new competition. A product life cycle is the typical stages a product goes through during its lifetime.

That is a call the marketing staff has to make. Introduced init had a slow but steady growth during the introductory phase, but word of mouth from social media and influential bloggers created an explosive rise in demand for the versatile multi-cooker. Marketing is responsible for minimum and maximum sales estimates, competition review, and market share estimates.

There is no real proof that all products must die.Life-cycle assessment (LCA) is a comprehensive environmental accounting tool with well- While the entire life-cycle impact of a product is captured in the “cradle-to-grave” system boundary (raw material extraction through final disposal), “cradle-to-gate” analysis.

The theory of a product life cycle was first introduced in the s to explain the expected life cycle of a typical product from design to obsolescence, a period divided into. Jun 29,  · Most products follow a predictable rise and fall in demand over the course of their lifespan.

That's referred to as the product life cycle, and knowing where your products fit within their overall. A product goes through four stages in the product life cycle and they are introduction, growth, maturity, and decline.

In the introduction stage the company promotes the product in order to create awareness. Product Lyfe Cylce of Iphone In class we learned about product life cycles and how the product life cycle tells us how the product is doing in the market. A product goes through four stages in the product life cycle and they are.

The product life cycle is an important concept in marketing. It describes the stages a product goes through from when it was first thought of until it finally is removed from the market.

Not all products reach this final stage. Things the iPhone Has Helped Destroy! 14 th September Ice and a slice with your breakfast?

Product lyfe cylce of iphone essay
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