Practical attachment report

This is a unit where ice cream and pop corn are produced and sold to customers. It has also got individual benefit of liaising the university to the industries, hence brightening the employment chances of the students in the university. The GSS is the key public agency responsible for producing official statistics in the country.

It has thereby inculcated in me sympathy for the poor and above all the will to prevent myself from contracting certain communicable diseases. I have also learnt patient folder filing and retrieval which has aided me to improve on my social life through interaction with customers either working under pressure with or without supervision.

Through this attachment, I have generated a good interpersonal relationship through my interaction with my supervisors and colleagues.


The organization is comprised of 11 Divisions, 35 Sections and 4 specialised units. This report contains and gives a detailed explanation of all the activities carried out at Nkwegu Ugbala Grand Arena Company in Ebonyi state. Student gain increased maturity and understanding of the workplace and a better Practical attachment report of your own career goals and for the progress of the nation.

My Industrial Training was very educative and enjoyable because the programme exposed me to learn many things and to be self reliance without depending on anybody. I equally learnt when making any pastries you have to add the ingredients one after the other when it is necessary.

I learnt how to prepare both African and continental dishes. The I T students were not giving the opportunity to operate most of their machine they will rather ask you to watching them Practical attachment report learn.

Most of the machine that they are using cannot function without light and cannot function without light and we cannot bake throughout day unless if there is light. The Statistical Service also collaborates with other developing partners, international bodies, research institutions and private individuals by satisfying their data needs.

I learnt how to serve dishes both in public inside and outside 3. The Statistical Service Department is also responsible for keeping of statistical data about the municipality and its environs. It is said to be a supervised programme since lecturers from the faculty visit the students during this period and at the end of the programme to ascertain the success of the programme and the amount of seriousness students attached to it.

Role of Ghana Statistical Service within the National Statistical System Unlike in some countries where the National Statistical System NSS is defined by a legal framework and institutional arrangements for the collection, compilation, dissemination and use of official statistics, the NSS in Ghana is not explicitly mentioned as an institution in any legislative document but merely implied.

Work begins from 8: Chapter 1 started with general background knowledge and objectives of the SIWES programme chapter 2 of the report talk about the general description of the company and service chapter 3 and 4 give the a detail of the activities carried out during the programme and all the knowledge acquired then chapter 5 explained the various problems encountered, recommendation to those problems at the end, conclusion are drawn.

The GSS has been consistent in performing its functions as required by law, and over the years, it has demonstrated its ability to provide a wide range of official statistics that serve the needs of individuals, organizations, development partners and the government. From June to JanuarySister Suzanne Maschek was the Administrator and supervised the construction of additional improvements to the hospital.

GSS will provide strategic leadership and coordination in the development and use of statistics within the National Statistics System. The establishment should provide adequate facilities to make the programme enjoyable for student.Sample of Industrial Attachment Report.

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Sample of Industrial Attachment Report. For Later. save. projects and jobs undertaken by the author have allowed the author to gain a deeper insight into the technical and practical aspects of precision optics engineering.

Sample Industrial attachment report and free Internship reports pdf

the author was able to complete the /5(13). The attachment also exposed me to the practical application of the things I have studied in the University and brought me in contact with my potential employers. Though I met challenges during the attachment period, I was able to cope well and complete with total success.

Engineering Training Report Student Name: نايلع زياف دمحأ Student ID: Chapter 2: Practical Training Identifying Current Projects and Following up the Work A first step in any training program is to become familiar with the work environment and how it. A REPORT ON A TWO MONTH INDUSTRIAL ATTACHMENT AT UNIVERSITY OF SOMALIA (UNISO) JOMO KENYATTA UNIVERSITY OF AGRICULTURE AND TECHNOLOGY (JKUAT) SCHOOL OF HUMAN RESOURCE AND DEVELOPMENT (SHRD) A REPORT ON STUDENT COMPULSORY SUPERVISED INDUSTRAL ATTACHMENT AT THE UNIVERSITY OF SOMALIA (COLLEGE OF.


DEPARTMENT OF APPLIED MATHEMATICS. The attachment has made me gain some practical knowledge and experiences in my field of study (statistics) as well as enriching me with the interaction with the business world. practical attachment report. Position Summary: A Waiter/Waitress (or server) takes orders and delivers food and beverages.

This position ensures the quality of the food and overall guest experience is excellent. A server is responsible for all billing and payment processing.

Practical attachment report
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