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If a political culture were merely the individual writ large, then one might speak of a completely homogeneous culture. A particular economy will create particular possibilities.

On the other hand, in a highly industrialised and urbanized economy it would just be the reverse. Individual notions of what is right or wrong, good and bad in political affairs, together make up the value pattern—the pattern of norms, of what it is considered ought to be.

In a country with basically agricultural economy the population will be predominantly rural leading a corporate life with family as the pivot of loyalty.

The physical setting both affects and is affected by the social, as the social and political also affect both each other and the physical situation.

India is a notable example of many sub-cultures and her unity is born out of this diversity. Essay on Political Culture Article shared by Any given political process takes place in a unique environment.

Their number is evidence of their importance and their ability to survive. His chapter on westward expansion and Indian removal in the early republic and antebellum period contains a great deal of information that is well-known to historians.

All over the world, "young people imagined a new, more democratic, more socially responsible order," although predictably all of these generated a huge Right-wing backlash that lasted for decades Morone The value placed on the overall political unit and other units, such as the tribe, the region, even the village is reflected in a hierarchy of loyalties and depending on the placing of units in the hierarchy, nationalism or particularism will predominate.

Another society may be multi-racial, have many religious groups, and show marked caste, class and social distinctions; India being such a society. Nevertheless, strong intra-national loyalties are to be found even in developed countries, as, for Political culture essay, in Belgium and Canada.

Political beliefs are symbolised in every society. Closely linked with such values will be the beliefs about what it really is, that is, of what exists in the world of politics.

The individual members of the society will have certain values, beliefs and emotional attitudes which make up the culture the community of which political attitudes are a part.

In long established nation-States the function of such symbols, for example, the public display of the constitutional document and recitation of its contents by schoolchildren in the United States or the opening of the British Parliament by the Monarch, is to sustain the commitment to the nation.

Even liberal reformer like Horace Greeley proclaimed "these people must die out -- there is no help for them," and indeed most of them did end up dead, one way or the other Rogin To take the example of India, again, there exists in common parlance the congress culture.

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Such heterogeneity of a political culture rests in differences between the political culture of groups and in differences between individuals. At the general level the value placed by members on the total political unit—the nation in a nation-State — is especially significant.

All such characteristics will affect the political activity that occurs there. A political sub-culture most likely to be found is that of rulers and the governed. In the social system there exists also the culture of the society.

In newly independent countries such symbols may need to be created and manipulated to produce allegiance or strengthen it where it is weak.

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It is not clear whether that nation and all its leaders were fearful of regressing into some kind of oral stage of primitive, magical thinking, violence, savagery and cannibalism, although whites commonly projected all these traits on Indians.

A society may be one in which all the members, may be of the same race, subscribe to similar religious beliefs and in which disparities of wealth and social status are small. The social relations which develop in a particular place and which are related to the methods of producing goods and services provide a social setting for political activity.

Certain of these symbols and symbolic activities are obvious enough. Even so, all of this imperialist history can be explained just as well without any reference to concepts like the Indians were regarded as "a pre-oedipal, aggressive threat to the mother-child relationship" Rogin Indeed, the same pattern Political culture essay repeating itself right at this moment, with Barack Obama having passed certain reforms, and the political and cultural Right attempting to block these and turn back the clock on many issues.

In the former, decision- taking may be simple whereas in the latter the conflict potential is much greater and its politics may, consequently, be more acrimonious and decision-taking result from the interaction of numerous clearly defined groups.

The flag, singing of national anthem, Republic and Independence Day celebrations and martyrdom of Gandhi, father of the Indian nation, draw attention to national identity and reinforce it.

They are more intense in India. However, it is more; it is a unique pattern of values and beliefs and emotional attitudes of a collection of individuals.

Such social behaviour has its basis in the culture of a society and, similarly, political behaviour has its basis in the political culture.

Within the group of rulers there may be many who retain important elements of the political culture of the mass, but those who exercise vast influence are found, in general, to vary from the many in their orientation to politics. It would seem counter-intuitive to progressives and liberals, at least until they reflect on history and realize that they often end up fighting the same battles against conservatives and reactionaries in every generation.

The important political values and beliefs of a society are those which concern the political arrangements as a whole; particular institutions and policies of how they are produced and the place of the individual within the political process.

Its characteristics may change as a result of the import of alien ideas, industrialization, the impact of new leaders, population changes and many other factors.The notion of political culture is how people view the political system as a whole.

It is the way in which people respond and act towards the political system.

Pye ( p) defines political culture as “the sum of the fundamental values, sentiments and knowledge that give form and substance to political processes”. Political culture differs from political ideology in that two people can share a political culture but have different ideologies, such as Democrats and Republicans.

The Five Elements of American Political Culture Essay - While some of the world’s prominent countries, such as the United States, Great Britain, France and even Japan, support democracy, there are always cross-national differences created by political and economical culture.

Political Science 24 March American Creed We see the American Creed as a set of values and beliefs that can be found in the American political culture. (Coleman, Goldstein, and Howell) The beliefs and values are equality, individualism, democracy, liberty, natural rights, property, and religion.

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Equality has always been an endemic American value, touted in the Constitution and branded as a key feature of American life.

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