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The purpose of this study is to identify Nyu drama therapy thesis examine the emerging roles that are performed by the non-disabled sibling of a person with an autism spectrum disorder ASD.

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The research question was: This project asked participants to perform a cutting of a published play i. This paper asserts that there is a relationship of beneficial mutuality between DBT and drama therapy when working with clients who suffer from emotional dysregulation.

As a phenomenological study, the author questions in what ways Drama therapy can inform a therapeutic understanding of Trinidadian Carnival. Trinidad and Tobago is a West Indian society in which mental illness and accessing therapy are stigmatized.

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For thesis publishing information, visit the ProQuest website current students only. The author will review research conducted with current Registered Drama Therapists on their work with this population. Through autoethnographic examination of the ways addiction shaped her family system, the researcher aimed to record and analyze the relational shifts which occurred throughout the course of the study in the process of theatre-making and performance.

A literature review defines schizophrenia, drama therapy, transference, countertransference, and empathic witnessing. This phenomenological study describes the therapeutic potential of change for women who come together in collective creative process to perform their stories. Wu, Yi-Chieh Under the Mask: It is therefore, a particularly appropriate concept to express the process of change which is the work of drama therapy.

Research on women, collectives, applied theatre, and therapeutic theatre is presented. Comparisons are made between applied theatre and drama therapy, and the mutual exclusion of group versus individual, socio-political versus therapy, is questioned. Three Approaches to Drama Therapy Abstract: I will discuss the mechanisms through which drama therapy elicits vivid bad girl images.

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Themes arose that suggested that DvT might continue to be used in therapeutic theatre as a mode of deconstructing reality toward aims of addressing and transforming themes of power and oppression. Unlike separation strategy, integration strategy refers to Taiwanese students who are interested in contact with both American and Taiwanese culture.

The research shows how these roles alternately conflicted and synchronized, and dynamically interrelated in humorous, heartbreaking, and reflective ways, always coming from a place of creativity and renewal.

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Most significantly I will present the reader with my personal understanding of how drama therapy is a modality which can successfully be used by a hearing therapist with Deaf adults with mental illness.

The purpose of this performed narrative arts based research inquiry is to examine how an auto-ethnographic therapeutic musical theatre performance can assist the dissociated drama therapist in achieving integration?

Jen, Wanning Role profiles for Taiwanese students Abstract: I realized that I had hit upon and inner resource that was previously undiscovered. A determination regarding appropriate future treatment is explored. This project includes interviews with clinicians around their experience and understanding of dissociation in the treatment space.

The emerging drama therapist embodied each role through role-playing and then reflected on the experience in role as the clinician. To access the full thesis, you will need permission from the author.

When a drama therapist enters a violent population and experiences dissociation, the need to integrate all aspects of the internal ensemble of roles and guides becomes necessary.I recently applied to two very different graduate programs at NYU.

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Performance Studies at Tisch and NYU’s Drama Therapy Program. Tisch Drama’s Theatre Studies curriculum focuses on the theoretical and historical aspects of the conservatory work students are engaged in at their studios.

Courses are taught by a faculty of internationally-recognized scholars. Accredited Schools. RDT/BCT Core Faculty and Coordinator, Drama Therapy Program Creative Arts Therapies Department. Accredited by the North American Drama Therapy Association in (provisional accreditation prior).

New York University. Program in Drama Therapy 35 West 4th Street. Professor Maria Hodermarska has been awarded the Teaching Excellence Award from the North American Drama Therapy Association. The award honors a member who has volunteered substantial time and effort serving the association on committees, subcommittees, or regional chapters on a specific project or series of projects.

Dear NYU students and alumni, Performance in drama therapy is becoming increasingly prominent in our field.

From our experience over the years at NYU, we have. special note: most courses in Drama Therapy are available, with the exception of the internship lab and seminar.

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Nyu drama therapy thesis
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