Nihilism a philosophical essay

Some scholars have attempted to classify it into several subtypes. Steven Cassedy Pick a style below, and copy the text for your bibliography. And the anarchists Emma Goldman — and Alexander Berkman —both Russian immigrants to the United Statesused the term nihilist in their memoirs to refer to the heroes of the Russian revolutionary movement, heroes that had inspired them to embark on their own revolutionary careers.

He is, in a word, a nihilist. Sources and Criticisms of Modern Nihilism. Like other contemporary French and Italian philosophers, Vattimo does not want, or only partially wants, to rely on Heidegger for understanding Nietzsche.

There are two possible responses to this condition, Nietzsche explains in a notebook he kept in Many, however, have not hesitated to name the illness.

The phrase "what does it matter" or variants of this are often spoken by several characters in response to events; the significance of some of these events suggests a subscription to nihilism by said characters as a type of coping strategy.

However, it is exactly the element of truthfulness in Christian doctrine that is its undoing: The Will to Power is also the principle of every earlier valuation of values.

Brassier concludes from his readings of Badiou and Laruelle that the universe is founded on the nothing, [68] but also that philosophy is the "organon of extinction," that it is only because life is conditioned by its own extinction that there is thought at all. The first response is called "active nihilism," the second "passive nihilism.

Therefore, both Meursault and Clamence follow philosophical schools of thought that deny the existence of meaning, and both of them behave amorally. Nietzsche distinguishes a morality that is strong or healthy, meaning that the person in question is aware that he constructs it himself, from weak morality, where the interpretation is projected on to something external.

He wished to hasten its coming only so that he could also hasten its ultimate departure.

As Camus put it in the first few pages of his book, "If our age easily allows that murder can have its justifications, it is because of that indifference to life that is the mark of nihilism. Derrida[ edit ] Jacques Derridawhose deconstruction is perhaps most commonly labeled nihilistic, did not himself make the nihilistic move that others have claimed.

Derridean deconstructionists argue that this approach rather frees texts, individuals or organizations from a restrictive truth, and that deconstruction opens up the possibility of other ways of being.

Instead of searching for meaning, Meursault lives detached from the people around him and does not care about his life, family, or friends. His belief that life is meaningless allows him behave immorally and to accept his death without feeling any remorse. What Is to Be Done?

This causes Marie to look upset, but Meursault feels neither empathetic, nor guilty for what he said so callously. To breathe is to judge. Rejecting idealism thus results in nihilism, because only similarly transcendent ideals live up to the previous standards that the nihilist still implicitly holds.

In this paper, morality is the code of conduct accepted by an individual for his own behaviour. First, in literary life, it nurtured the trend toward realism.

The Closing of the American Mind:Essay: Morality, Nihilism, and Absurdism in Camus. Albert Camus’ novels, The Stranger and The Fall, compare the philosophical theories of nihilism and absurdism, claiming that even though life. Metaphysical nihilism is the philosophical theory that posits that concrete objects and physical constructs might not exist in the possible world, or that even if there exist possible worlds that contain some concrete objects, there.

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Essay: Morality, Nihilism, and Absurdism in Camus

- Nihilism- Original Writing Nihilism as a philosophical position is the view that the world, and especially human existence, is without meaning, purpose, comprehensible truth, or essential value.

It is more often a charge leveled against a particular idea than a position to which someone is overtly subscribed. Russian nihilism has little in common with what is called nihilism in the West. It was born under the czarist absolutism that evoked a powerful revulsion and antagonism in all lovers of freedom and righteousness.

Nihilism as a philosophical position is the view that the world, and especially human existence, is without meaning, purpose, comprehensible truth, or essential value.

Nihilism a philosophical essay
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