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Dolores is hesitant in recollecting what was in the road, if there was even anything there. SuperSummary, a modern alternative to SparkNotes and CliffsNotes, offers high-quality study guides for challenging works of literature.

Featured content includes commentary on major characters, 25 important quotes, essay topics, and key themes like A Loss of Innocence: Along with eighth-grade beauty Nichole Burnell, Dolores convinces Sean to take a seat and he relaxes, visibly.

The Walkers lose their only child, Sean, in the accident. In her chapter, Dolores is looking back on what happened in the past, so she has the benefit of hindsight.

The Sweet Hereafter: Blame and Civil discourse Essay Sample

The Sweet Hereafter is a novel by Russell Banks exploring the community reaction to a school bus accident that kills fourteen children.

Instead they are representations of good and evil, but nonetheless are focused on winning a battle.

The Sweet Hereafter Summary and Study Guide

She and Abbott watch two rounds of the demolition derby, including a round featuring her old station wagon Boomer, and afterward the two Nichole burnell essay home. We belonged to this town, we always had, and they to us; nothing could change that, I thought.

After this, she and Abbott leave the fairgrounds with the light of the town behind them. However, Nichole lied about the speed as a strategy to end the lawsuits and to punish her father for sexually abusing her.

She explains that she was trying to avoid hitting something, but she is not sure what it was exactly, if anything. Justice and our search for moral peace seemingly require us to find an answer for these tragedies even though we subconsciously know that conclusive answers may not exist.

In essence, Nichole destroys the case, not just for her parents, but also for the entire town. The best thing that the litigation process could have done in Sam Dent was convince the victims that what occurred was simply a misfortune with no one at fault.

Ansel rebuffs the efforts of attorney Mitchell Stephens to have Ansel join in a lawsuit.

The Sweet Hereafter Chapter 4: “Nichole Burnell” Summary & Analysis

She tries to explain and defend herself by detailing how conscientious she is and how well she knew the roads and weather conditions. Billy Ansel is the only eyewitness to the crash. Dolores heads out to her barn to start the bus she keeps in her barn, insisting on maintaining it herself.

Dolores Driscoll has been a school bus driver for the community of Sam Dent for over twenty years. It starts immediately despite the cold weather, and she begins her morning route.

This section contains 1, words approx. As Dolores tells her version of the events in the book, a dog or at least a blur of some kind passes quickly across the path of the bus as it travels down the snowy road.

The crowd had united to oppose anything associated with her, just as the community had united to blame her for the death of the children. His three-year affair with Nichole burnell essay married Risa Walker ends when the two feel awkward around each other following the deaths Nichole burnell essay the children.

Ansel repeatedly says that he wants to join Mason, Jessica, and Lydia and that he feels he is a ghost in some kind of purgatory. The blame for an alleged injustice had to go somewhere, and Dolores was available due to her centrality to the accident.

At the deposition, Nichole plays up the stark contrast between her life before the accident and her current state. Those parents and victims, with the help of a crowd of invading lawyers, attempt to reassess the story to find the truth.

One girl, an eighth-grade beauty queen named Nichole Burnell, survives but suffers a severe and disabling back injury. Abbott has been confined to a wheelchair since suffering a stroke several years prior and Dolores is their sole provider.

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. The death of his children, however, drives him into alcoholism and isolation.

She is surprised at the snubs by locals she and Abbott receive, believing most people would have stopped blaming her by now. Blame and Civil discourse Essay Sample We are surrounded by unexplainable horrors: Surprisingly, she feels liberated but also realizes that she is completely alone and forever changed, as are the children involved in the accident.

Mitchell has his own family problems, as his drug-addicted daughter Zoe contacts him at the motel in Sam Dent.

Zoe antagonizes her father before telling him she has just found out she is HIV positive. Stephens also tries to recruit Dolores, but she refuses when her husband, Abbott, says that the town should be her jury, not a bunch of strangers.

Dolores decides that she must leave Sam Dent. A true conclusion to this tragic event, however, will never be found. The bus crash and the law suits that follow are a test of extreme psychological pain for the small town of Sam Dent.

She had grieved as well, but now she wanted her town back, and she expected them to accept her and her husband.Chapter 4 Summary: “Nichole Burnell” Nichole Burnell, who is 14, narrates this chapter.

The Sweet Hereafter - Chapter 4 - Nicholle Burnell Summary & Analysis

She describes waking up in the hospital room and realizing she has been partially paralyzed and suffered other injuries. She does not remember anything from the actual accident. Essay Topics; The Sweet Hereafter Chapter 4: “Nichole Burnell.

The Sweet Hereafter Summary & Study Guide

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This Study Guide consists of approximately 33 pages of chapter summaries, quotes, character analysis, themes, and more - everything you need to sharpen your knowledge of The Sweet Hereafter.

Nichole Burnell is a fourteen-year-old girl who survives the school bus accident but suffers a spinal cord. The Sweet Hereafter Nichole Burnell is in an accident and emerges with Read More.

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We are surrounded by unexplainable horrors: gang violence and murder; hurricanes and other natural disasters cause hundreds of casualties; giant passenger planes crash into the ocean and hundreds die terrifying deaths. Nichole Burnell recounts her father's argument with Billy Ansel about the ensuing lawsuits: "Daddy said, "There's a whole lot of people in town that's involved with lawsuits.

We're hardly unique here, Billyâ ¦You can't just turn this .

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