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They make intricately designed flower mats called, Pookalam in the front courtyard of the house to welcome King Mahabali.

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Given a promise of three steps of land by King Mahabali against the warning given by his Guru Sukracharya, Vamana, enlarged himself to such dimensions as to stride over the three worlds. The tall exotic coconut palm dominates the landscape.

Usage Power Generation The Project harnesses a major portion of the power potential of Periyar, the largest river in Kerala, by the creation of a reservoir of 2, M. The Portuguese took advantage of the rivalry between the Zamorin and the King of Kochi allied with Kochi.

Still we have not covered our core point or the question: Both luxury as well as semi deluxe buses are available.

Construction of this Arch Dam and two other dams at Cheruthony and Kulamavu has created an artificial lake of 60 km2 width and the water stored is utilized for production of electricity at the unique Moolamattom Power house, which is located inside the rocky caves.

The stored water is used to produce electricity at the Moolamattom Power house, which is located inside nearby rocky caves. Cashew, coconut, areca nut, cassava tapiocabanana, rice, ginger, pepper, sugarcane and vegetables of myriad varieties are grown in this area. The Government of Canada aided in the building of the dam with long term loans and grants.

Almost all trains stop at the station. From the airport taxis are easily available to reach Kollam.

The project report was prepared in and the Planning Commission accorded sanction for implementing the scheme in and the preliminary works of the project were started. And for all, abundant natural beauty of the tropics. Phoenicians established trade with Kerala during this period. The rich cultural heritage of Kerala comes out in its best form and spirit during the ten-day festival.

The other main centers of attraction in Kerala are the museum, boat houses and islands. The international airport at Thiruvananthapuram, 71 km away, is the nearest airport. Or just take a train ride from Kasargode to Trivandrum. Thomas was impressed by the sight of water flow between the mountains and it was his idea that has materialized in the form of Idukki Arch Dam.

Kovalam is a well known beach; Thekkady is equally known for its wild life. American First state in the world which elected a communist government.Kerala "God’s Own Country" is one of the most beautiful states of India.

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It is globally famous as one of the most popular travel destinations of India. onam festivalonam story, onam festival essay, onam festivalonam photos, harvest festival of kerala, onam essay in malayalam, onamthiruvonam, Gods Own Country.

God's own country? How Kerala got the name? Kerala located in South india in an extra ordinary land with almost all elements of nature. Kerala is the % literate state in India is. Kerala: (Full Essay) One of the beautiful states in our country is Kerala.

Kerala is situated in the south western region of India. A state filled with natural beauty, Kerala is also known as “God’s Own Country”. Kerala is an extraordinary state that has many attractive points inside it.

Kerala - God's Own Country. The National Geographic magazine has named Kerala as one of the ten Paradises Found in the world!. The Kerala State Tourism Department has rightly named our state The God's Own means the land of coconuts. And boy!

Kerala : God's Own Country

we do have coconuts, arecanuts and also nuts like me in abundance! Dec 15,  · Best Answer: Very good question. Kerala is called God's own country for three reasons. #1.

Kerala - India : Gods Own Country Essay

According to Hindu mythology, Kerala was created by Lord Parasurama, an incarnation of Lord Vishnu by throwing his axe across the sea to create new land for his devotees to live Resolved. Kerala Gods Own Country God's own country is Goon's own country say new statistics by the National Crime Records Bureau.

Increased political killings have marred the state's reputation of late.

Kerala gods own country essay
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