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Look at the following examples. Each paragraph should start with a sentence which clearly describes what is elaborated in the paragraph. This was discussed earlier. A bunch of apples is, are on the table.

These could consist of better ways of making the measurement, improvements in the apparatus or the methods, or the theory, etc.

The library currently receives over 1, periodical titles, of which are subscribed, while the remaining titles are received as gratis or on an exchange basis. While having lunch, the reaction mixture exploded.

Rewrite the above to avoid confusion as an exercise. Theory and background Some theory and background is needed to understand the subsequent sections of the report.

There is no space before a comma, semicolon or colon; there is a space after a comma, semicolon or colon.

The first step is to ask yourself the reasons why you are doing what you are doing.

Awkward and ambiguous construction: In the case of experimental work, list the various steps in the experiment in sequence, and write a paragraph sentence for each of these.

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IISc PhD / Master’s Thesis Format

A few examples are given below. A bit of self advertisement: It is sufficient if it is written as: Does it disprove some theory or show some limitations of existing theories?

Similarly, some theory may be needed to obtain relevant quantities from the actual measurements made. Lying on top of the intestine, you can perhaps make out a thin transparent thread. If there are more than two authors, the name of the first author followed by et al.

An example is given below. Trends that are important in the items reported in each table or graph are described. However, the subject or the verb or the object or all of them may have to be qualified. Is the theory being examined valid?

The disagreement must be discussed, and justified. A large number of papers have been written on the cell walls of Staphylococci.

Ph.D Thesis

Tata Memorial Library[ edit ] Apart from the main library, the Institute also has independent departmental libraries. Bachelors degree programs[ edit ] An undergraduate program was conceived, for students who had completed Class XII, during the Centenary Celebrations in For example, some theory may be needed to interpret results of the experiments performed.

The main problem in writing compound sentences, is proper positioning of the qualifying clauses. All this is presented in this section.RESEARCH STUDENTS (a) Ph.D. Thesis Completed 1. A. A. Zain, "An Algebraic Approach to MDS and Dual Group Codes over Finite Abelian Groups".

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Indian Institute of Science Bangalore use citep and citet commands in conjunction with database file of references and an appropriate bibliography style file to cite references properly and automatically generate the list of references at the end of the. Thesis Format Guide You should be guided on matters of style by the chair and members of your committee.

The following sections specify the format The thesis, including the abstract, dedication, acknowledgements, and introduction, must be double-spaced. Footnotes, bibliographies, long quoted. Thesis or Dissertations. Click on the below categories to view the thesis submited by the Department of management studies students, IISc: PGDip; MBA; MTech; MSC; Ph.

D. Research. Projects; Thesis or Dissertations; Website developed by Embassy IT Solutions: IISc Home: Admin: Webmail: LinkedIn. Applications of Social Network Analysis to Community Dynamics A Thesis Submitted for the Degree of Master of Science (Engg.) in the Faculty of Engineering by Kolli Naimisha Supercomputer Education and Research Centre Indian Institute of Science Bangalore India February Sri.

A Thesis. Submitted for the degree of. DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY. In The faculty of Engineering. BY. Your Name. Department Name Indian Institute of Science BANGALORE

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Iisc thesis style file
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