If i were a teacher

Inthe name changed to State Normal and Industrial School. With an enrollment predominantly from Rhode Island and nearby Massachusetts and Connecticut, the institution historically has served as a "College of Opportunity" for first-generation college students.

Higher education would be based on merit. I would have a conversation with students about how they want to be assessed. If I were the teacher: If I were to become a teacher, the first step I would take to make teaching more interesting and fun filled, so that students would be attentive in class.

Might states have been better off investing their time, money, and effort into an entirely different approach towards improving teacher quality?

Normal school

This is because a teacher is in close contact with children when they are at a very impressionable age. Inthe school was renamed "Farmington State Teachers College". Prior to the founding of the normal school, Salem women had few opportunities to receive teacher training and the Salem school system was replete with funding, attendance, and teacher compensation problems.

Attention will be given towards immoral elements to punish them seriously. Diploma from a normal school in the U. While my judgment is informed by a growing body of scholarship, it is also subjective, imprecise, and colored by my hope that the negative consequences can be addressed productively going forward.

Orman approved the bill April 16, It would be my objective to get the love and faith of the children as, a teacher who becomes the confidante of the children is I feel their best friend.

It becomes impossible to save the books and stationary from being spoiled by rain. The ministry bureau responsible for overseeing them is the Teacher Education Division. A Chinese normal university Chinese: It is really a matter of pride to be the Prime Minister of such a vast country.

It would be very clear to them that I have no favorites or dislikes — my attitude will always be firm and fair for all children. A child learns his basics from school and his teachers and hence teaching is a profession that does require lot of passion and hard work.

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Today, it is known as Appalachian State University and has evolved into a comprehensive four-year university, including the Reich College of Education. Students were usually 17—19 years old when they entered. As a Prime Minister I would like to develop India as a strong self reliant nation.

Unless it is checked, our country cannot progress. In the school evolved into Minnesota State University, Mankato. Teachers have a great influence on the lives of students. It would be my objective to get the love and faith of the children as, a teacher who becomes the confidante of the children is I feel their best friend.

At the same time, the wrong doers would not be spared and they would be punished severely for their wrong doings. In Oceania[ edit ] In New Zealand the term normal school can refer to a primary or intermediate school used for teacher training, e.

National Taiwan Normal University in Taipei: An understanding person is a good human being for both the society and nation too. Here is how I think about the calculus of this question: Technology just allows those things to happen easier than ever in the classroom.

It was converted into a college in and was elevated to its present university status in as the Philippine Normal University. Employment avenues would be available for all. I would be for them a friend, a patron and a guide, all in one.

A principal is expected to run the school, of course with the help of his staff.In this creative writing activity, students pretend to be the teacher.

If I were a teacher I would be a fun teacher I would be more fun than all the other teachers. I would give candy to everyone. If I were a teacher, I would have rules. The rules would be: No. In the United Kingdom, teacher training colleges were once separate institutions, Mankato Normal School was the second normal school in Minnesota.

Students were usually 17–19 years old when they entered. The student body, which peaked at about inwas approximately three-fourths female. Founded: 10 Feb, When I present my research on teacher evaluation reforms, I’m often asked whether, at the end of the day, these reforms were a good or bad thing.

This is a fair question—and one that is especially important to grapple with given that state policymakers are currently deciding on whether to refine. May 28,  · A teacher in Georgia responded the only way she knew how after receiving a letter from President Donald Trump filled with grammar mistakes: covering the paper with ink and yellow highlighted.

If I Were a Teacher Essay Sample. 1. Teacher is an individual whom we find teaching in schools and colleges and she/he is the person who .

If i were a teacher
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