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If they do so, there will be fewer chances of accidents and traffic will move smoothly in the city and people will find themselves easy in driving.

Every one moves with his own will, due to this traffic mess, the students, office going people and others usually cannot reach in time. People living in far-flung areas of Karachi suffer very badly for want of water.

A host of problems surround the Karachites at every step. Reciprocation jams are seen on every prima roadworthy during eyeshade hours as the motorists do not rise the reciprocation rules.

All around the proper city, we find suburban localities are sprouting without an end. Different timing for starting and closings of offices and schools should be done to avoid the rush in the morning, afternoon and evening on roads.

In the morning, there are long lines of vehicles which move slowly from Numaish to Tower, everyone looks in hurry and wants to go fast, especially the motorcyclists, rickshaws and bus drivers break traffic rules and create problems for others.

Majority of people in Karachi travel in buses and mini-buses. Whatever projects of greater water supply in the city are completed the increase in population always out-distances them. Even in some of the most important areas of the city there is virtually no water supply for two or three days.

Traffic problems

Another severe problem is the shortage of drinking water. They do not desire to consecrate way to others. The work in factories, hospitals, offices and night colleges suffers because of frequent breakdown for hours. Vehicles are increasing exponentially on the one hand and other roads are blocked because of the mega development drive of the City District Government of Karachi.

They do not detain in their lanes and some of them level ignore the red sandy signals. They are badly affected by the evils of air pollution and a majority of them are either suffering from some ear, nose or throat problem or have problems of burning eyes, dizziness, lung infection etc. The traffic flows was fluent in the city but due to VIP movement in some areas it might have been disturbed which is a natural thing.

It is observed that motorists preserve to get without movement on headlights still after sunsets and nobody checks them. Housing problem is yet another big problem for the Karachites.

Pedestrians find it difficult to walk freely on roads. Traffic police are negligent in their duties. The hospitals Factories, institutions and houses suffer badly and the usual work of life freezes.KARACHI: Through your esteemed newspaper, I want to draw attention of the city government and other related authorities to the problems caused by everyday traffic jams in Karachi.

The roads have. Essay on Karachi. corners of the Bangkok's traffic problem has been getting worse since the government introduced a policy to refund tax for first-time car buyers.

Coupled with the Thai aspiration to own a car and get some status, this policy has resulted in five million vehicles in a city which can only cope with less than two million cars.

Essay on Karachi ‘The city consists HEAVY TRAFFIC: in karachi the drivers of buses,mini buses,trucks and rickshaws drive very Almost every city has a big traffic problem.

Everyday, we walk out of our apartments and step into the sidealk and see cars in front of us parked on both sides of the street. Traffic problems in Karachi. May 8, ; Author News Desk; Naveed Ahmed. I want to draw attention of the city administrator and other related authorities about the problem caused by everyday traffic jams in Karachi.

The roads in Karachi everywhere have become narrow as compared to the number of vehicles running on them. The work in. No doubt, bad roads and high speed driving are the main causes of traffic accidents Traffic problem in Pakistan is getting worse with every coming day, especially in.

Dec 03,  · English Essay on "Traffic Problem in Karachi" Traffic Problem in Karachi Karachi City produces 65 percent of the revenue of the entire country but under every regime the problems of Karachi have been neglected.

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