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The Registrar of Newspapers for India allots titles to the publishers on prescribed application received through the prescribed authority for which there is a prescribed procedure.

Essay on responsibility of press in that state can it inform and educate the people along the right lines and breed that tolerance of thought and expression which is the hall-mark of a democratic set-up.

The free propagation of the printed word not only helped to lift the clouds of ignorance, but also acted as a catalytic agent to promote freedom of inquiry and debate on an unprecedented scale.

It can give expression to the grievance of the people and it can help the people to attain heir ends. Therefore, obviously its true function is to inform the people, and the measure of freedom it enjoys, depends upon the way it discharges that function.

The survey measures press freedom by assessing the impact of laws, administrative decisions and economic or political influences on the content of the news media.

Short Essay on Responsibility and Freedom

Other necessary facilities to the newspapers are extended on the basis of their registration and regularity of publication.

Hence, if the character of the press is healthy, the democratic system will be more transparent to what is actually transacting on side of government and what are the views and reactions Essay on responsibility of press the people in respect thereof.

The same forwarding authority, after allotment of titles by the Registrar of Newspapers for India RNI authenticates publication of newspapers, periodicals and magazines etc. The government controls and regulates professional interests of the working journalists and other employees of the newspaper industry.

The reporters are provided access to all the ministers and bureaucrats and enjoy right to question and seek explanations and clarifications on specific points in course of a course of an interview or during a press conference.

The State can exercise control over the press mainly in two ways, i. We blame our family members, education system, people around us and the society at large. There is also a centralized mechanism to control and regulate publication of newspapers throughout the country.

They try to bridge the gap between the government and the people. The press puts a check upon these types of tendencies by pin pointing the lapses of the party in power. He has to be on his guard always against influences which can contaminate the free flow of news e. This is why the free press is protected by the First Amendment, and restrictions on the press like prior restraint and unreasonable censorship have been, for the most part, struck In this way, it facilitates the smooth functioning of the whole democratic system.

And when something goes wrong, we blame others for what has happened. The media is sometimes called the "fourth estate" of American government. Their comments are fact based and not on forerun conclusion. Under such circumstance the security of the country may be in danger.

The district administration if finds any news item against the public interest contained in any newspaper, confiscates the entire copies of it throughout its jurisdiction. In a democratic society the main task of the pool is to watch the democratic character of the political organization.

What Is The Responsibility Of The Press In A Democratic Society

To be free for press, as such, is to be fair, impartial, unprejudiced and honest in according treatment to the coverage of news and events connected with different socio-political quarters and the government at large.

Few journalists will be able to conform to the exacting standard set by Gandhiji, but the freedom of the press is not safe unless those who work for it, exercise this sort of self-discipline, to the extent they can. In a democracy, where the people choose their representatives supposedly based on their positions on important issues, the media has the responsibility of providing people with the information they need to make informed decisions.

When politicians break the law, violate societal norms, or act in ways contrary to their public claims, the media exposes it, albeit, as suggested above, often not in an unbiased way. Whichever of these and the numerous other forms it takes, it cannot be harmful because it prevents the press from coming out frankly and playing its rightful role in the economic and social transformation of the country.

Freedom is freeing it from the imprisonment of notions, views, biases and pre formed impressions of everything. Some of us believe this. The press can cultivate political outlook of the people and can help them in consolidating public opinion.

Registrar of Newspaper for India, also sanctions, newsprint quotas to the publishers of the respective newspapers and issues certificate of registration after the publication of the same.

An Essay on Role of Press in Democracy

It will also stand for justice, mass participations and larger benefits of the people. It implies right to information and access of pressmen to it, including right to exposures affecting matters of public and national interests. Its foremost and highest purpose is to make available to the people information which is as unbiased, as accurate and as full as possible so that the people should be able to judge and decide well.

Press in India has come up to the expectation of people. As its basic purpose is to inform the people, the press has to be treated more as a public institution than as an industry. An Essay on Role of Press in Democracy Article shared by The press is a broad term now; it not only includes newspapers, news weeklies and magazines but also all the journalists working in the media print and electronic.

It may start instigating people against one or the other leader or against the party in power. But have we ever comprehended the meaning of being free? Where there are no independent Press Relation Officers, Public relation Officers deal with the information to the press on specific queries concerning their respective departments.An Essay on Role of Press in Democracy Article shared by The press is a broad term now; it not only includes newspapers, news weeklies and magazines but.

Social Responsibility Theory (SRT) of the Press. Essay by crisci, June download word file, 2 pages, Downloaded 28 times. Keywords social groups, Responsibility Theory represents a compromise between favoring government control of the media vs. favoring total press freedom.

Social Responsibility Theory has broad appeal.2/5(2). The press can be used as a force on the side of liberty and progress only if it is kept free of all restraints except those which it voluntarily accepts as an earnest of its responsibility to the reading public. What Is The Medias First Responsibility Media Essay.

Print Reference this should be responsible of the audience. The social responsibility of the press has developed a theory, which is firstly referred by Robert Hutchins in the University of Chicago inand from then on more and more people advocate and develop the social.

The Press- Its Functions and Responsibilities

Social Responsibility Theory Essay. Social Responsibility Theory To combat the pressures that threatened freedom of the press, this theory was first introduced in and was recommended by the Hutchins Commission on Freedom of the Press. It stated that the media should serve the public, and in order to do so, should remain free of government.

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Essay on responsibility of press
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