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All the above rights are important in their own ways. There is a need to identify such children, withdraw them from workplaces and rehabilitate them. However, if risks and costs of intervention are high, it is unlikely that states will intervene unless their own interests are involved.

Classification of the human rights Personal rights right to life, personal dignity, the right to freedom and security. As an individual, he has a right to life and right to a decent living. To preserve political stability, human rights implementation must be managed effectively.

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He also has several experiences in the field of human rights and has authored several other books with similar story lines. It has made Commendable work in matters like Police and Prison reforms, improvement of Juvenile Homes.

The Supreme Court of India has not only recognised but also entertained such litigations, enabling the public spirted citizens and the Social activists to fight for protection and enforcement of human rights of the poor and the socially and economically disadvantaged people who have no access to move the Court on their own.

To achieve these goals, the international community has identified a number of mechanisms both to bring an end to human rights abuses and to establish an environment in which they will be respected in the future. Can outside forces intervene in order to protect human rights? The TOI, August 9, Ts as a mechanism to ensure and secure social economic justice.

To distinguish them from other institutions established to deal with a legacy of human rights abuses, truth commissions can be understood as "bodies set up to investigate a past history of violations of human rights in a particular country -- which can include violations by the military or other government forces or armed opposition forces.

Human Rights Protection

However, the UN condemned the racist policy and passed a resolution in this regard. Democratization implies the restoration of political and social rights.

This list is only illustrative and not exhaustive. Their goal is to uncover details of past abuses as a symbol of acknowledgment of past wrongs. It can also make use of the services of any officer of investigating agency of the Central or State Government.

Walter, Committing to peace: They cannot hold all perpetrators accountable and typically aim for the top leadership. There is evidence that internationally we are moving towards the notion that governments have not only a negative duty to respect human rights, but also a positive duty to safeguard these rights, preserve life and protect people from having their rights violated by others.Database of FREE human rights essays - We have thousands of free essays across a wide range of subject areas.

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Essay on Human Rights. Article shared by: Here the role of the NHC has strengthened the cause of protection of human rights against arbitrary violation and miscarriage of justice, if only.

Its vigilance and alertness have enhanced public awareness of the importance of the Human Rights. Essay on Human Rights or Human Wrongs CASE: 1 Human rights or human wrongs?

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(Marks 5) A factory owner in the Southeast Asian country of Malaysia, Mr. Carter, was severely criticized by an international human rights organization, Human Rights Watch out (HRW). Basic human rights. Recognition of human rights and freedoms as the supreme value, a person has them from birth.

Implementation of human rights and freedoms without infringement of the rights and freedoms of others – equality of all before the court and the law. Equality of men and women. Free essay on Protection of Human Rights.

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Human rights are those rights that are fundamental for the human life. Human rights are rights to certain claims and freedoms for all human beings all over the world. These rights, besides being fundamental and universal in character, assumed international dimension.

These rights ensure to make man free. Universalization of Rights without any distinction of any kind is a feature of human rights.

Essay on protection of human rights
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