Aos extended response the crucible and

These responses tended to list rather than analyse textual details and features, and adopted a series of explanations. This frame is contrasted with one teacher sitting outside of this circle, she is presented through a mid shot, this automatically creates a more intimate feel.

In the story she eventually finds something hopeful at the end of her journey, a reconciliation essential in her development as an individual. Step outside of the text: Look at my example: In addition, students will explore texts of their own choosing relevant to the Area of Study.

In the beginning of the film, there is a key scene where Michael is judged by his teachers for his differences. The structure may not be relevant to the argument of the question and may not link texts. Michael questions his identity because he feels isolated from everything.

Recounts the texts or tells the story in connection to belonging Use of textual references may not connect to ideas, might use quotes as analysis rather than the language features of the text, or lists techniques but does not develop them.

It also needs to link to your prescribed text, either by highlighting similarities or differences. They suffer in silence, and those who judge them place up the barrier that is to daunting for them to over come. The concept Aos extended response the crucible and belonging is explored thoroughly in this picture book, the motif of the red maple leaf that follows the girl through each image reveals the path to reconciliation, the same path taken by Billy as he transitions to a sense of belonging.

ETA Student Day, June Slide 19 — General Comments Stronger responses, candidates engaged in a perceptive manner with the view expressed in the statement, establishing an insightful thesis, which was sustained throughout the response through a discerning selection of textual detail and an astute analysis of both texts the prescribed text and the text of their own choosing.

The fish that hovers above her is the most salient feature as it symbolizes the inner emotions of the girls despair and loneliness, this emptiness is enhanced by its gaping mouth. How does it link to your understanding of belonging?

The sense of belonging to the community in a physical, legal and spiritual way was paramount. Weaker responses reproduced a generic statement on belonging and relied on recount to demonstrate their knowledge of the text.

Some candidates made reference to McCarthyism as a point of contextual discussion. Contextual background on the poet?

The Crucible Exam

THEN Write up a paragraph similar to the above examples of how you would incorporate this as a related text in your extended response. Your related text must be linked to the ideas about belonging presenting in your thesis. Students draw their chosen texts from a variety of sources, in a range of genres and media.

Film The Blind Side If you want to include a film, you need to discuss the overall purpose of the film in relation to shaping meaning on belonging, then choose one or two scenes you can analyse in depth, this way you may discuss the film techniques that aid in shaping meaning.

AOS Belonging - The Crucible, June 2011

Sound responses engaged with the view expressed in the statement. Some of these responses were overloaded with textual analysis at the expense of a well-developed and coherent line of argument imbalance.

Dramatic Irony — audience has an awareness that the characters do not EG: The purpose of this poem? In incorporating a paragraph on your related material you should follow the following steps: Links between texts were evident, but remained undeveloped, and candidates did not sustain their conceptual discussion throughout the response.

Society is inside of man and man is inside society. ETA Student Day, June Slide 20 Some candidates found it difficult to sustain their argument as their chosen related material offered them limited opportunity to develop a strong argument or detailed analysis to support their ideas on the nature of belonging.

Weaker responses were often colloquial, conversational and segmented, demonstrating a varying control of language, and displaying an elementary knowledge of the concept and the texts studied.

Responses demonstrated a thorough knowledge of the text, exploring one or more characters and, where applicable, notions of individuality, conformity, morality, conflict and the effects of societal and institutional power.

What is perhaps most important is the question that is initially framed during Act 2 of the play: Many of these responses approached the question in a logical and structured way, but merely relied on an overview of texts and description as a means of discussion.

Just bring your notes, your texts, and a desire to boost your marks. He is a social outcast, and looses his connectness to his family.The Crucible’s dramatic form is essential to a top band response. Some hints: Miller recognised that conflict between the individual and the group would create ‘exalted drama’.

Meaning that a dramatist must set up a ‘balanced concept of life’. Transcript of Constructed Response for Act One of The Crucible. Constructed Response Using Evidence to Support our Ideas A constructed response is a paragraph assignment in which you In Act I of Arthur Miller’s The Crucible, Tituba, Abigail, and Betty declare that they saw certain individuals with the Devil simply, out of self-preservation.

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Sep 29,  · Writing responses for the Crucible? This is my second year of reading the Crucible in class and we have to write a writing responses at the end of every act. the trouble is i dont know how. what should be included in a writing response? and how would you start an introduction?Status: Resolved.

Puritan Life Extended Response. Due Date:_____ In preparation for reading The Crucible we have read several things that address the lives of the Puritans.

Your assignment is to write an essay in which you discuss TWO essential. Your related text must be linked to the ideas about belonging presenting in your thesis.

Some tips: In incorporating a paragraph on your related material you should follow the following steps: Start with a topic sentence that links to the concept of belonging that is seen in the text Discuss the overall purpose of the.

Aos extended response the crucible and
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