Analysis of ethiopia for business opportunities

The development of Dire Dawa and Adama industrial zones are also in a process which will definitely improve the industrial sector of the country. The industrial sector is expected to be a major contributor to the economic output of the country by the year Understand and comply with global product standards, certification requirements, electricity regulations, and packaging laws.

You can do this by getting trained in auto repair or hiring trained hands to work in your auto repair shop or garage.

Ethiopia business opportunities: six ideas on sectors to invest in

Init was recorded that the country has as GDP of This is the reason why the music industry is always booming. This is an industry that is always sure to give high returns as long as you do good work. Start a cooling van business.

Several events ranging from company events, religious and entertainment events to weddings, birthdays, etc.

ICT Analysis of ethiopia for business opportunities innovation of 4G and 3G will increase the demand for advanced technologies such as telemedicine, video conferencing, and distance learning.

The GOE identified gold, tantalum, iron, potash and coal as priority minerals. So if what you see is a simple business in the chemical industry that can fetch you steady income, then you should think of going into the business of soap making.

If you are excellent in a certain subject area, then you can coach students or people needing help on that subject area for a fee. This is a splendid business idea for busy places like a bus terminus, schools or colleges or even a busy residential area in Ethiopia. Creating Music Videos Good music sells.

A lot of employees require training on various aspects like money handling, customer service, stress management, etc. The construction and real estate industry is increasing in demand in all parts of the country.

This can be done for them at a particular rate per month. You can learn how to fix electronics and appliances, get certified and start fixing for people to get paid. This therefore leads to an increase in demand for bricks.

Laundry service We have already established the fact that a lot of people in Ethiopia are very busy and do not have the time for some basic things. Ethiopia - Market OpportunitiesEthiopia - Market Opportunities Overview of best prospect sectors, major infrastructure projects, significant government procurements and business opportunities.

This job is especially for music lovers and energetic personalities. You can also produce and export chemical products to other countries with great demand for these products. Also, the busy and hectic daily schedules of many parents have made this business even more profitable.

Learn how to limit the risk of non-payment, and receive counseling if problems arise.

All over the world, and especially in this part of the world, people are becoming more and more aware of removing things that may be injurious to the health.BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES IN ETHIOPIA FACT PACK Business Sweden in Nairobi October, BUSINESS SWEDEN ANALYSIS; KPMG ETHIOPIA PROFILE REPORT, WORLD BANK GROUP Agriculture 45% Service 42% Industry OPPORTUNITIES FOR INVESTMENT HAVE BEEN IDENTIFIED IN SIX SECTORS.

In Ethiopia transportation is a big problem and effects also in the business.

50 Best Small Business ideas in Ethiopia for 2018

Ethiopian government takes this problem very seriously and many projects are on progress for improvement and modernization of Ethiopian transportation system. If YES, here are 50 best small scale business ideas and investment opportunities in Ethiopia you can start in The economy of Ethiopia is growing stronger with each passing day.

This has led to an increase in business opportunities in the country.

Australia business opportunities in food, engineering, eduction and retail Opportunities in the Brazil automotive industry Construction in Ethiopia and opportunities in the Ethiopia building industry.

Ethiopia is Open for Your Business. U.S. Commercial Service Services for U.S. Companies. Every year, the U.S. Commercial Service and Global Markets Division of the International Trade Administration (ITA) helps thousands of companies export U.S.

goods and services worth billions of dollars. Ethiopia - Market OpportunitiesEthiopia - Market Opportunities Overview of best prospect sectors, major infrastructure projects, significant government procurements and business opportunities.

Analysis of ethiopia for business opportunities
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