An argument against the right for women to choose to have abortion

Thus, from the time of fertilization, the zygote is alive because he or she possesses all of these qualities. Prayer, comfort, support, and compassion should be extended to all during this time.

Arguments in favour of abortion

Would we kill a child with Down Syndrome because his conditions make caring for him more of a challenge than caring for a child who does not have Down Syndrome? The difference between breastfeeding in that scenario and blood transfusions is the difference between using your body as a kidney dialysis machine, and gestation and childbirth.

According to this argument, those who deny that fetuses have a right to life do not value all human life, but instead select arbitrary characteristics such as particular levels of physical or psychological development as giving some human beings more value or rights than others.

Personhood The fourth most common pro-abortion argument you face deals with personhood. W]hatever the premises of opposition may be, only the most convincing justification under accepted standards of precedent could suffice to demonstrate that a later decision overruling the first was anything but a surrender to political pressure and an unjustified repudiation of the principle on which the Court staked its authority in the first instance.

But should we kill them because they are so? Because murder is wrong and against the law. Time has stated that the issue of bodily privacy is "the core" of the abortion debate. I have many good and thoughtful pro-life friends — including some people on staff here at Human Coalition — who disagree with me about this.

In the century during which abortion was illegal, rich women could still obtain abortions because they had the money and the private physicians, which enabled them to travel or get around the law.

Similarly, the Court upheld legal abortion in and now may overturn it. That is how we can keep abortion legal. Should we have continued those practices just because they were legal?

There are also penalties of jail time if an abortion is induced for any other reason. Like children or minors in the U. Not only is Roe v.

The medical terms " embryo " and " fetus " are seen by some pro-life advocates as dehumanizing[15] [16] while everyday terms such as "baby" are viewed as sentimental by some pro-choice advocates.

We agree that fetuses are less developed than we are. In a letter to the British Medical Journal[53] she noted that the majority of surgical abortions in Britain were performed under general anesthesia which affects the fetus, and considers the discussion "to be unhelpful to women and to the scientific debate.

Is a toddler worth less than a teenager because the toddler is smaller? The prognosis and treatment for each of these diagnoses is very different, but at the center of it is a very complicated question. Children become estranged from their parents.

Commonly referred to as the "gag rule," this law prohibits clinic personnel from mentioning the option of abortion to their patients. Because it is wrong to take money from other people.

During my second pregnancy, however, I had a feeling that something was wrong, and a genetic counselor told my husband and I that based on my age and the abnormalities observed by an ultrasound, there was a one in three chance that our baby would have a chromosomal abnormality.

A Pennsylvania law now being reviewed by the Supreme Court requires married women to notify their husbands in order to get an abortion. While governments are allowed to invade the privacy of their citizens in some cases, they are expected to protect privacy in all cases lacking a compelling state interest.

In my view, the perpetrator should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law for forcing himself on a female, in the most intimate way, for his own selfish satisfaction.

No other class of person is given value by the person who harms them.

Abortion debate

It is legal now, but inaccessible to millions. Through internal self-direction, he or she is growing, metabolizing, responding to various stimuli, adapting to the environment, and already has the necessary genetic material in place for reproduction.

Others reject this position by drawing a distinction between human being and human person, arguing that while the fetus is innocent and biologically human, it is not a person with a right to life.

Women have the right to prenatal genetic testing - and to choose abortion

In facilities where amniocentesis is performed regularly, the rates are closer to one in After that, though, and in hushed tones, you might hear something else: There are various ways for pregnant women to learn if the fetus they are carrying is affected by one of many chromosomal abnormalities.The right to abortion, its lawyer argued before a federal appeals court last month, protects only the “binary” decision of whether to bear a.

Statistics show that very few women who give birth choose to give up their babies; less than 3 percent of white unmarried women and less than 2 percent of percent black unmarried women.

Abortion is a safe medical procedure. The vast majority of women (88 percent) who have an abortion do so in their first trimester. Arguments against the right to abortion Discrimination.

Here’s how to stop any pro-choice argument in its tracks

The book Abortion and the Conscience of the Nation presents the argument that abortion involves unjust discrimination against the unborn. Women have the right to prenatal genetic testing - and to choose abortion Jacqui Morton Many chromosomal abnormalities can be detected early on in the gestation period.

I know a guy that is pro-abortion on the grounds that the gov’t has no right to control a women’s reproductive rights. And that making abortion illegal will force women back to the back room “hot-coat hanger” tactics. Common Argument #1: A fetus is a human being, and human beings have the right to life, so abortion is murder.

Your Response: I'm probably not going to convince you that a fetus isn't a life, as that's basically the most intractable part of this whole debate, so I'll be brief: A fetus can't survive on its own.

An argument against the right for women to choose to have abortion
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