An analysis of nextel communications

The company was the first in the United States to integrate global positioning system features into their phones and to complete their 2G network upgrade. It also gives you the relevant references.

Principles of Management - SWOT ANALYSIS ON Sprint Nextel Corporation

It must attract new customers in each segment it is attracting new customers, increasing sales, and expanding market penetration in its target markets 1. Operating results for the interim periods are not necessarily indicative of results for an entire year.

What is the key message Campaign theme you want your target market to understand? The target market is all adults between the age of 25 and The Company believes that such increased levels of system utilization are likely to continue for the remainder of the year, therefore the Company intends to accelerate the deployment of certain switching and related system infrastructure equipment.

The core of the business model was to buy these fleet dispatch frequencies from existing operators at a substantial discount when compared to the cost for the equivalent bandwidth available via auction from the Federal Communications Commission.

Effective October 1,the Company changed the estimated useful lives of certain intangible assets, including FCC licenses and the excess of purchase price over fair value of net assets acquired related to domestic acquisitions, from 20 to 40 years to better reflect the period over which the economic benefits of such assets will be realized.

Communications: Sprint Nextel

The remaining increase in selling and marketing expenses is attributable to increased salaries, commissions and related personnel costs associated with increased sales and marketing staffing.

Final definitive agreements covering the potential transactions described in this paragraph have not yet been entered into, and there can be no assurance that such agreements will be entered into or that either or both of such potential transactions will be consummated before the end ofor at all.

SWOT ANALYSIS ON Sprint Nextel Corporation

In Octoberin order to free up network capacity for cellular calls due to rebanding, Sprint removed the ability to connect to the WiDEN service from all Nextel towers. The technology uses the MHz ISM band and provides ten FHSS channels for an off-network push to talk communications between individual phones that are not necessarily in range of wireless towers.

Unlike other cellular networks, the Nextel network operated in the Specialized Mobile Radio band, and Nextel was one of the first providers in the United States to offer a national digital cellular coverage footprint. The push-to-talk feature, with which Nextel has gained popularity, was made interoperable with the QChat technology on the Sprint network in On July 16,Nextel completed an exchange offer for its Series E Preferred Stock of whichshares were initially issued on February 11, in a private placement transaction.

These increases primarily reflect the continued effect of customer subsidies and discounts on increased sales of digital subscriber units and related accessories and also includes write downs to estimated net realizable value of subscriber unit inventory and related accessories.

Later, Nextel would use the push-to-talk feature as a key marketing advantage. It also moved for postverdict JMOL on the issue of infringement with respect to both patents.

See " -- Overview" and " -- Forward Looking Statements. The exercise of the options was effected by surrendering a number of options determined as provided in such options by dividing the full cash exercise price for all of the options by the average closing sales price for a share 11 of Common Stock on the Nasdaq National Market for the 20 trading days immediately preceding the exercise date.

Sprint Nextel Corporation SWOT Analysis

The Company offers digital subscriber units and related accessories at competitive prices, which are below cost, as an incentive for new customers to subscribe to its services and for certain existing customers to remain subscribers.

The level of domestic capital expenditures during such period was consistent with the Plan. It was the first company to successfully provide unlimited calling plans to a large customer base. In the context of Sprint Nextel its objectives are to attract 1.

In addition to its Digital Mobile network, Nextel also operates analog wireless networks providing analog SMR services throughout the continental United States and in Hawaii to approximatelyanalog SMR subscriber units as of June 30, Although Nextel International believes that MKT presents it with significant opportunities to expand its SMR network in Asia, Nextel International does not intend to make any substantial investment in MKT until the economic and political conditions in Indonesia, in particular, and the economic conditions in Asia generally, have stabilized.

Operating revenues include service revenues, which consist primarily of charges for airtime usage and monthly network access fees, as well as revenue from sales of analog equipment and accessories.

Summary authored by Eric C.

Nextel Communications

First, the Company is currently discussing with interested parties the terms on which it would sell its portfolio of transmission tower assets, which includes towers and related assets constructed during Cash interest will not accrue on the NI Notes prior to April 15,and will be payable on April 15 and October 15 commencing October 15, at a rate of See "--Forward Looking Statements.

What type of appeals will you use for the campaign? Initially, FleetCall did not want to include the push to talk feature in their phones, but the FCC required it as the initial frequencies were licensed for dispatch use. Since Marchthe funding needs relating to international operations have been met largely through separate financing arrangements entered into by Nextel International and its operating subsidiaries and affiliates.

The increase was partially offset by a decrease in the weighted average interest rate on the total outstanding debt which was a result of the refinancing of the vendor credit facility and the retirement of a portion of Targeted Notes during the fourth quarter of and the second quarter of Transactions completed in the three-month period ended June 30, are more fully discussed in "Item 2.

The Nextel Indentures contain 23 provisions that operate to limit the amount of borrowings available under the bank credit facility in certain circumstances. Depreciation of such assets begins upon commencement of commercial service. I understand We use cookies on this website to provide you with the best user experience.A business analysis of Sprint Nextel Corp., a company which provides wireline and wireless communications services to businesses, consumers, and government, is provided, focusing on its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities for improvement and threats to the company.

In the context of Sprint Nextel its objectives are to attract million new customers to Sprintlink, Sprint Web Services, Boost Mobile, and Virgin Mobile within a period of one year.

2. The key message is reliability. Jun 19,  · SWOT ANALYSIS ON Sprint Nextel Corporation: Sprint Nextel Corporation (NYSE: S) is a telecommunications company based in Overland Park, Kansas. The company owns and operates the third largest wireless telecommunications network in United States, with million customers,[1] behind Verizon Wireless and.

Nextel discussed with Mr.

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Krinsky each of the above-referenced proceedings, specifically addressing the relevant marketplace analysis for Nextel’s acquisition of Commercial Mobile Radio Service (“CMRS”) spectrum, such.

Nextel Communications, Inc. Edmund Halley Drive, Reston, VA March 8, 1.I of the Rules of the Federal Communications Commission, Nextel is filing this ex the Commission’s marketplace analysis based on.

Nov 30,  · Principles of Management - SWOT ANALYSIS ON Sprint Nextel Corporation: Sprint Nextel Corporation (NYSE: S) is a telecommunications company based in Overland Park, Kansas. The company owns and operates the third largest wireless telecommunications network in United States, with million customers,[1] .

An analysis of nextel communications
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