An analysis of a civil action by jonathan harr

Ultimately, the case fails to become the landmark decision for which everyone had hoped, and Schlichtmann is forced into bankruptcy, contemplating the termination of both his career and his life.

Eventually she gathers other families and seeks a lawyer, Jan Schlichtmannto consider their options. The suit was divided into two phases. He has provided an excellent narrative of the events in a complex case, filled with human drama, but he conspicuously fails to put it all in context.

The report judged the incidence of leukemia in east Woburn to be seven times greater than would ordinarily be expected. Schlichtmann is an obsessive, odd figure.

A Civil Action Summary and Study Guide

It is nearly impossible for anyone but the lawyers and the judge to keep up with all of the facts, expert testimony, and tens of thousands of pages of documents, and eventually, even they despair at the limits of their own abilities.

He completed the trio of Harvard Law School Schlichtmann originally decides not to take the case due to both the lack of evidence and a clear defendant. The cases all occur within a relatively small neighborhood, an uncanny coincidence that leads Anne to seek legal representation.

When twelve cases of childhood leukemia occurred in a nearby Woburn neighborhood between anda young Boston lawyer, Jan Schlichtmann, agreed to lead a suit against the two Fortune companies.

Grace, the multinational chemical company, and northeast of the John J. Grace, but Grace settles with Schlichtmann before the second phase of the trial can begin. He believes in a grand destiny for himself, which is what leads him to take the case, a case that few other lawyers would even consider, given the enormity of its size and the difficulty in proving the link between the chemicals and the cluster of leukemia cases.

District Court in Boston. Attorney for lying to the EPA. It further emphasized that although there was no proof that the contaminants in the wells would cause leukemia, their presence was a cause for suspicion.

He lives and works in Northampton, Massachusetts, where he has taught nonfiction writing at Smith College.

Dan Kennedy, Death and Justice. One common environmental factor for all of these children is the water, pumped from Wells G and H, which has been a subject of complaint and controversy for some time, due to foul odor, taste, and color.

C, September 10,p. Featured content includes commentary on major characters, 25 important quotes, essay topics, and key themes like Justice and The Value of Life. The tall, slender Schlichtmann, fond of expensive living but afraid of coffee, tobacco, and food additives, came up against two difficult courtroom antagonists: At this point, Mulligan turned the file over to Jan Schlichtmann, a new lawyer he had hired.

However, due to the lawsuits brought forward by the Environmental Protection Agency, W. After finding that her child is diagnosed with leukemiaAnne Anderson notices a high prevalence of leukemia, a relatively rare disease, in her city.

Defense lawyers, however, are focused on maneuvers to detract and ultimately thwart the proceedings, often successfully doing so.

As well, the judicial process itself is often portrayed as skewed in favor of corporations, which have unlimited financial resources and high-priced, highly-experienced litigation attorneys. The reader will be amazed to discover the amount of preparation necessary for personal injury litigation and the tremendous cost of such civil suits.

The jury finds Beatrice not liable.A Brief Summary of A Civil Action Chapters 1 and 2: The Woburn Families From tomore than a dozen cases of childhood leukemia hit the small town of Woburn. Jonathan Harr This interesting, but badly flawed, book provides an in-depth look at one "civil action"; a lawsuit by citizens of Woburn, MA against W.R.

Grace and Beatrice Foods, which alleged that TCE (trichloroethylene) dumping at sites owned by the companies contaminated two town wells and caused leukemia in local Jonathan Harr.

Jonathan Harr is the author of the national bestseller A Civil Action, winner of the National Book Critics Circle Award for Nonfiction[,] and The Lost Painting, a New York Times bestseller.

A Civil Action Analysis

He is a former staff writer at the New England Monthly and has written for The. A Civil Action [Jonathan Harr] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

This true story of an epic courtroom showdown, where two of the nation's largest corporations were accused of causing the deaths of children from water contamination/5().

A Civil Action by Jonathan Harr A Civil Action is based upon a true story that Jonathan Harr, a former staff writer of New England Monthly describes a case that.

A Reader's Guide to Jonathan Harr's A Civil Action

Dive deep into Jonathan Harr's A Civil Action with extended analysis, commentary, and discussion.

An analysis of a civil action by jonathan harr
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